Size guide:

 For a ring size conversion chart click Here.



All orders are shipped express with Royal Mail. Tracking details will be provided once sent.



We take great care in trying to ensure that you are not caught with unexpected custom fees if you are ordering our products from outside of the UK. Although costs are cleared on our end, we can’t take responsibility for customs from your country of origin, as every country’s policies vary.  


Gold Vermeil care:

Our gold plated items are of the highest quality, being that of a sterling silver base, with an 18kt gold vermeil overlay. Although gold vermeil is a thicker coating of gold than regular gold plating, the gold can still rub off over time. To extend the lifespan of the gold coating please try to avoid salt water, chemicals from lotions and skincare, and avoid having your ring rubbing against another on your hand as this can cause scratching and speed up wear and tear. Luckily, if your ring begins to fade it will eventually show the highest quality 925 sterling silver. If you wish to have your ring re-dipped in gold, we are more than happy to do this for you for a £30 fee.


Why do ready to ship items take up to 2 weeks to send from purchase?:

"Ready to ship" items are one of one pieces that are pre-made. The reason for them taking up to 2 weeks to send it due to the resizing and hallmarking process. It may take me a couple of days to re-size the ring to the required size. After the re-size, I take your item to the assay office to be hallmarked. The assay office timeframe is up to 8 working days. I do this after re-sizing as filing after soldering may scratch off the hallmark.


Why do made to order items take up to 4 weeks to send from purchase?:

Made to order items require up to a 4 week timeframe due to:

-Making your item (2-3 days)

-Casting (3-5 working days)

-Setting and refining (2-3 days)

-Hallmarking (8 working days)

-Gold vermeil (1-2 days)


How can I have my item sent faster if I need it urgently for a gift?:

It is possible to have your item made and shipped in a shorter time frame. This requires an additional £20 fee. The fee solely goes to the assay office. Using this fee, they can cut down their timeframe from 8 working days to 1. Please let me know if you require this service when placing your order.